Saint Rita Parish Day of Service

Saturday, April 25, 2020


Click here to Sign-Up

It's easy...

1.  Sign-up is on a per person basis.

2.  If you are registering as a family or for a group of
     people, register each person individually.

3.  Download and read the disclaimer.

4.  Select your service project.

5.  If you are a new volunteer please be sure to order a tee shirt.

6.  If you are a past volunteer please wear your tee shirt from previous year.  If that is not possible then do
     order a new tee shirt.

7.  Tee shirts will be distributed in St. Mark Chapel on the day of service.

8.  The last day for requesting a tee shirt is Monday, April 6.

9.  Confirm dinner attendance.  Choose "Yes" or "No".

10. A confirmation email will be sent to you.